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Our Mission

We contribute to the development of High Order Thining Skills (H.O.T.S) generation in every child.


Since 2015, Kidcited has been educating and helps to provide fun learning aids, not just selling toys. We believe, every kid has their own intelligence and must be explored through many ways of fun learning, not limited to books and papers.

These days, the millenials are more exposed to the technologies and gadgets. Kids focussing on tablet and televisions more than others is a rising issue. They seems forget the feel of the rain drops on the face, the smell of the grass after the rain, the joy climbing up the tree or the endless smile swimming in the river while listening to the whoosh of the wind. Older generation, like you, the parents, and us, we explored the world by touching and experimenting with our surrounding. That are the values seems missing in the millenials.

We hope to bring that joyous moment to every child we could reach. We believe the early childhood is the most crucial phase in their growth. The emotional, social and physical development of young children has a direct effect on the overall development and on the adult they will become. We do really want to see the generation of the future nurtured to become the High Order Thinking Skills, able to solve problems, create new ideas and capable to deliver their emotion effectively.

 And we also understand, that the world we live in today could not be the same with yesterday. Today, we put our feet together, hand to hand with all the team members, give our best in providing educational toys and learning aids to let our precious young generation learning with fun. 

And our core responsibility is to educate values to our customer.

Because we are passionate to be part of your child's development process.

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